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The US-based Commonwealth Labs alongside Webb Technologies have agreed to form a partnership with Singapore-based Stake Technologies to support the Astar smart contract platform as core development teams. The partnership brings together multiple development teams that benefit Polkadot ecosystem chains including Shiden, Astar, and Edgeware.

The arrangement would see Stake…


Kylin Network has partnered with the Edgeware community to bring their oracle and decentralized data marketplace, as well as their analytics suite, to a new generation of dapps in Edgeware utilizing the impending EVM compatibility.

The strategic partnership will also support native oracle integrations through Edgeware’s full stack of…

Tidal Finance, the multi-asset protocol and market for programmable insurance and pools, is partnering with Edgewareto ensure that Edgeware users and developing projects have access to cover in a growing and increasingly interoperable defi ecosystem.

Tidal’s deployment will highlight their dual-security insurance…

Parachains are powerful, but may not be right for your project. Edgeware plans both EVM and Wasm smart contract modules giving you a quicker path to community and market-fit.

Why go Edgeware?

Turn-Key Community

  • Tap into an existing community of validators, holders, stakers, and governance participants instead of managing an entire chain’s community, letting you focus on your use-case and finding fit.
  • You have the option to manage your governance stack more simply by participating in Edgeware instead of growing and. managing a parachain…

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